How (and When) You Can Watch Episode 9 and 10 of ‘The Last Dance’ if You Live Outside the U.S.

the last dance how to watch netflix espn

‘The Last Dance’ will air its final two episodes on Sunday night (USA time).

So, how might one tune in?

Well, if you’re in the United States, that will be pretty straight forward.

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The final two episodes will air on ESPN from 9pm ET on Sunday, before immediately becoming available to subscribers of the ESPN App, and ESPN on Demand.

Meanwhile, here’s how international viewers can tune in:


If you live outside the United States, Netflix will be your streaming service of choice.

According to ESPN’s official press release, the final two episodes will be available on Netflix at 12:00am PT (Los Angeles time).

Here are some quick time zone conversions (all listed times are for Monday):

  • Sydney – 5:00pm
  • London – 8:00am
  • Shanghai – 3:00pm
  • Beijing – 3:00pm
  • Manila – 3:00pm
  • Paris – 9:00am
  • Madrid – 9:00am
  • Tokyo – 4:00pm
  • New Delhi – 12:30pm
  • Rio de Janeiro – 4:00am
  • Mexico City – 2:00am
  • Auckland – 7:00pm

If your city/region doesn’t appear above, jump on this handy time zone converter.