Zion Williamson’s Parents Accused of Accepting Money, Gifts From Duke, Nike, Adidas

NBA Rookie of the Year contender Zion Williamson’s battle with his former marketing agent just got ugly.

Attorneys for Gina Ford and Prime Marketing Sports have asked the New Orleans Pelicans star to admit his mother and stepfather asked and received gifts, money, and favors for Williamson to attend Duke University.

The allegations come as Williamson is being sued after leaving the company less than a month after signing on for five years.

Now with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Williamson’s legal team argues that his contract with Prime Marketing was unlawful under North Carolina law.

Prime’s request specifically asks Zion to admit several statements including that his parents “demanded and received gifts and economic benefits from persons acting on behalf of Duke University to influence Zion to attend Duke and play basketball.”

That his parents “demanded and received gifts, money, and/or other benefits from persons acting on behalf of Adidas to influence Williamson to wear Adidas shoes.

These types of requests for admission are used in civil cases as a way to discover more information and force an opponent to admit or lie under oath.

Williamson played one year at Duke before declaring his eligibility for the NBA draft.

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The Pelican’s rookie, who was on a roll until play was halted due to COVID-19, has not publicly commented on his legal battle with Prime Marketing Sports.

The company is seeking $100 million in damages from Williamson.