MGM Pitches Finishing Season On Full Quarantined Block Of Vegas Strip

Adam Silver NBA

In the ever-evolving conversation on how and where to complete the 2019-20 NBA season, MGM Resorts International has thrown it’s hat into the ring.

The Las Vegas resort chain is proposing a deal to help facilitate the NBA and the WNBA to play on the Vegas Strip.

The move would not only help the leagues but MGM, which has seen revenue drop 97% from last year.

In the proposal sent to the NBA, MGM envisions a “full quarantine campus” which would accommodate players and families.

MGM could build up to 24 courts in the facilities to host practices and games.

Players and families would be isolated from the general public.

The Mandalay Bay, with a reported 5,000 rooms available, would serve as the central hub.

Walt Disney World is also putting together a plan that would enable the NBA to play in Orlando.

Whichever, if any, location is chosen to host the remainder of the season, will reap a huge financial windfall.

Fans, players, executives, the media, everyone is eager to see play return to the court.

Though games would be held without fans in attendance, a record amount of viewers could tune in, offsetting the loss of arena revenue.

Las Vegas and Orlando are both attractive locations, but most likely, a single site will be chosen.

The good news it now looks like its not a question of if the NBA season will resume, but where; Las Vegas, Orlando, or a site yet to be determined?

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