LeBron James Shoots Down Reports That NBA Season Should Be Abandoned

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LeBron James has shut down reports that people within the NBA are pushing for the league to abandon the season.

James also reiterated that he was ready to go if and when the NBA decided to start up again.

“As soon as it’s safe we would like to finish our season,” read part of a tweet James posted on Thursday.

“I’m ready and our team is ready. Nobody should be canceling anything.”

While some owners and agents may have talked about the possibility of cancelling the season, James clearly has no plans of seeing that take place.

This should come as no surprise with his Lakers sitting on top of the Western Conference standings and firming as one of the definitive championship favourites.

James also knows he doesn’t have a lot of time in his career to continue winning championships.

Losing a season to cancellation would hurt a lot as it now sets him back a year that he can’t make up.

At 35 years old, the 2019-20 season would be valuable time wasted.

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