Steve Kerr Says Warriors Assuming Their Season Is Already Over

It’s time to stick a fork in the 2019-20 regular season, according to Steve Kerr.

The Warriors coach says his team is already treating the current hiatus as if it’s the offseason.

At 15-50, the Warriors didn’t have much to look forward to except the lottery anyway.

“It feels like the offseason,” Kerr said in a conference call on Tuesday. “And, in fact, we had a Zoom call, Bob Myers and I got on a Zoom with our players, our whole roster last week.

“And it was just a chance to check in, but it was also a chance for Bob to update the players on his contact with the league and the latest news, but it also kind of felt like our annual team exit meeting. Our coaching staff and I have been undergoing staff evaluations, offseason plans, so we are absolutely in offseason mode right now.”

Coming into the season after losing Kevin Durant to free agency and Klay Thompson ruled out with ACL surgery, there wasn’t much optimism that Golden State would be contenders.

Injuries to Steph Curry and Draymond Green only made things worse for the Warriors, although it has positioned them to land a high draft pick and bounce back with a vengeance next season.

And if there was ever a good time to throw away a season, it was the one that might’ve been lost to coronavirus anyway.

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