Kobe Bryant Had Film Crew Record His Own ‘Last Dance’

Kobe Bryant in his last game

Critics and fans alike have been riveted by ESPN’s “The Last Dance” chronicling the final season of the dynastic Chicago Bulls and their leader Michael Jordan.

Now, it has been revealed that Kobe Bryant was documenting his last year of play.

Bryant, who hung up his sneakers after his 20 years, allowed a camera crew to follow him and the team during the 2015-16 season.

By the time Bryant shot 60 points in his final game, his camera crew had grown to six people.


According to several Lakers staffers, the camera crew had access to both home and away locker rooms, the training room, the team’s practice facility, and even the charter plane.

“They had unprecedented and, by far, greater access than anyone else ever,” said John Black, leader of the Lakers’ public relations department for 27 years.

Unfortunately with Bryant’s sudden passing in January, there are questions as to what if anything will happen with the footage.

Sources have told ESPN that the footage had been in the editing stages and that Kobe had seen the edited material and even provided feedback before his death.

Considering Bryant chose the camera crew so he could have control over the footage, it’s probably safe to assume that whatever was shot was to Bryant’s liking to a certain extent.

Unlike Jordan, who was on his quest for a sixth title, Bryant’s Lakers crawled to a 17-65 record, the worst in Lakers’ history.

Larry Nance Jr. recalled his first and Bryant’s last season, while watching the Bulls 10-part docuseries.

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“It was really cool because, like, this is the Black Mamba. But at the same time, like, this is also the worst season in Lakers history.

So while I’m really proud to be in the NBA playing with this absolute legend, [that] is not something that I’m really trying to relive,” said Nance.

Nance Jr. may not want to go down memory lane, but let’s hope fans will one day get a chance to watch the Mamba’s final year in action.