Jaylen Brown Urges Public To Ignore Government And Stay Home

jaylen brown coronavirus

Jaylen Brown is urging his fellow Georgians to stay home and resist Governor Brian Kemps’ plans to reopen the state.

Brown firmly believes it’s far too early to open the state for business, and that many more lives would be needlessly lost to coronavirus.

It’s worth noting that Brown is much more than just a basketball player, showing his intellect in a thoughtful and insightful piece for the Guardian this week.

Governor Kemp, meanwhile, recently made the stunning admission that he did not know coronavirus could be spread by asymptomatic carriers.

There are some very real reasons to be worried about Kemp’s plan.

But there are also legitimate concerns surrounding the economic impact of a prolonged shutdown and the effect it would have on those who are not well off.

And while Brown appears to be infinitely more informed than Kemp, despite not being in office, he does have a massive income to fall back on that many do not.

As Dwyane Wade said, it’s easier to stay home when you’re rich.

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