You Can Now Bet On Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’ Documentary

The Last Dance featuring Michael Jordan

Fans, it’s almost time for the highly anticipated ESPN documentary “The Last Dance.”

This is the moment basketball fans have been waiting for, to see the backstory of one of the greatest title runs in NBA history—the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls led by the legendary guard and perennial G.O.A.T Michael Jordan.

However, with fans hungry for some sort of action, prop bets have already been made on the first episode.

The following odds come from and apply for the opening hour only.

The odds here are as follows:

Will “The Last Dance” win an Emmy in 2020?

+300 for yes

-500 for no

Will Jordan Cry?

-120 for yes

-120 for no

Will There Be A LeBron James Sighting?

-120 for yes

-120 for no

Will Kobe Bryant Make An Appearance?

-300 for yes

+200 for no

Will The Word “gambling” Be Said?

-200 for yes

+150 for no

Will “Space Jam” Be Mentioned or Clips Shown?

-120 for yes

-120 for no

Will The Song “Sirius” Be Heard?

-500 for yes

+300 for no

How Long Before The Air Jordan Is Seen?

+150 for before 10 minutes

-200 for after 10 minutes

Will Jordan’s Game-Winning National Championship Shot Be Shown?

-300 for yes

+200 for no

Will Impeachment Trial Of Bill Clinton Shown Or Mentioned?

-140 for yes

+100 for no

Will The Yankees World Series Title Be Shown or Mentioned?

+100 for yes

-140 for no

Will Barack Obama Tweet About The Documentary?

+200 for yes

-300 for no

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First Person To Be Shown?

Phil Jackson +300

Scottie Pippen +350

Kobe Bryant +400

Magic Johnson +500

Dennis Rodman +500

Deloris Jordan +800

Barack Obama +1000

Steve Kerr +1000

Bob Costas +1200

Charles Barkley +1400

Justin Timberlake +1400

Jerry Seinfeld +2000

Pat Riley +2000

Adam Silver +2500

While many names appear, the bet does not apply to whether or not Jordan appears first.

If nothing else, many of these bets will prove to be entertaining if not rewarding for participators.

The Last Dance will premiere on ESPN Sunday night.