Magic Johnson Sees Similarities in Coronavirus And HIV Crises

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Magic Johnson went through playing in the 90’s with HIV and he sees it overlapping with coronavirus.

“The same issues we had then, we have now, where bad information, myth about ‘it couldn’t happen to us in the black community,’ not being educated enough about HIV and AIDS,” Johnson told ESPN Wednesday morning. “The same thing [is happening] with the coronavirus.”

Magic sat out four straight seasons when diagnosed because they didn’t know the outlying effects of it.

It took out a lot of good years of his career.

Now he’s doing his best to help.

“We really have to get out in front of this,” Johnson said. “That is why I am so happy the NBA is saying, ‘Hey, we have to do something about it because who is out there on the court? Majority African American players. Who enjoys this sport? African Americans.’ We love our basketball. This is very important right now.”

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