NBA 2K20 Update 1.11 Patch | PS4, Xbox Latest Game Changes

NBA 2K20 Cover

NBA 2K20 released a new update this morning for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

This latest patch brings the game up to version 1.11.

However, this update was not confirmed by the 2K20 twitter account or Mike Wang, NBA 2K20 Gameplay Director.

As the 2K community tried to figure out what the patch did, there were two tweaks confirmed.

The first fix is suggested to be for the My Team feature of the game.

The bug made random orange accessories appear that plagued My Team for months.

In fact, this was noted by the NBA 2K2o Subreddit.

Another suggestion comes from NBA 2K Youtuber @DBGyt_.

A secondary bug in the game involved the auction house and players losing their collector level.

The patch fixes this issue as well, according to @DBGyt_.

While previous updates were known for taking up a lot of space, this update seems only to be 4.5GB on the PS4.

The NBA team has not been good at providing its players’ patch notes the way EA Sports does with it’s FIFA series.

This update comes on the heels of a weekend full of NBA esports action, including the “NBA 2K Players Tournament” featuring 16 current NBA players.

Among the participants were superstars Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Trae Young.

While there were only two patches confirmed, there is the possibility for other fixes as well.

Among them, fixed framerate drop and freezing issues, improved performance and stability, and various crash issues were addressed.

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