Chris Paul Admits Steph Curry Crossed Him in 2015

Chris Paul is now playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but, today during an Instagram live stream with Steph Curry as his guest, the All-Star admitted to getting his ankles broken in a 2015 game against Curry when he was playing for the Clippers.

The clip became a viral sensation.

“Listen man, listen, listen, he got me,” Paul said while laughing.

After getting so many questions about the now-infamous play in question, Paul opened up with a smile on his face showing no hard feelings to Curry about the crossover.

“The funniest part of [it is] how many times we’ve all been dropped,” Curry responded.

“You done dropped me at least three times, I got you that one time in L.A., Brandon Jennings got me my rookie year. Like, you can never, ever live it down.”

“If you play defense long enough, it’s gonna happen,” Curry said, finishing Paul’s sentence.

Curry, a two-time league MVP, is not known for his defensive abilities.

He has even joking said he “don’t play defense half the time.”

The two also shared some of the lessons they try to share with young players at their respective player camps over the summer.

Both stressed the fact that if you try hard on defense, you will find yourself on the wrong end of a highlight video at some point in your career.

Those are wise words coming from two players destined to be Hall of Famers.

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