Jalen Rose and Chris Webber Could Finally End Highly-Publicized Feud

Jalen Rose and Chris Webber are in touch and plan to privately settle their differences, potentially putting an end to a seemingly endless feud between childhood friends and former Fab Five teammates.

“We’re in contact currently and we’re brothers,” Rose said of Webber during an interview with The Boston Globe.

“So I always feel like anything that we need to say needs to be face to face, eyeball to eyeball, without any distractions, without any hype, without any camera. That’s the big-boy way to do that. That’s my brother.”

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This development comes after fellow Fab Five member Juwan Howard was named head coach of their Alma Mater, the Michigan Wolverines, last summer.

During the wide-ranging interview Rose also talked about how none of the Fab Five members have their jersey’s retired at Michigan, but he seems to hold out hope now that Howard is the head coach.

A lot of the feud between Webber and Rose seems to have magnified after the release of the 2011 ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Fab Five”, which four of the player participated in making except for Webber.

Rose said the only change he’d make to the 2011 “Fab Five” documentary is including an interview with Webber, which he’d love to see in there.

“The only change would be to get a 2011 interview from C-Webb,” Rose told The Globe.

“Other than that, it was the bible.”