Cole Anthony Scouting Report

Cole Anthony NBA 2020 Draft

Few players in the 2020 class have seen their draft stock fluctuate more than North Carolina’s Cole Anthony.

Once considered a near-unanimous top-5 pick, Anthony is now projected to go anywhere from fifth to the late lottery.

As we continue to evaluate Cole’s stock, here’s our current scouting report for the talented guard.


NBA scouts and execs often talk about the importance of a player’s “motor”, which is good news for Anthony and his draft stock because it’s probably his greatest strength.

Anthony has consistently displayed at every level that he will do everything possible to win.

Another one of his standout strengths is his athleticism, is super quick (think Ja Morant) and is a strong defender for his size.

On the defensive end, Anthony should be able to keep up with opponents at one and two positions with his lateral quickness and a bulldog mentality.


At just 6-2, 185 pounds, Anthony is going to find himself at a disadvantage in a switch-heavy NBA that’s also littered, long-limbed guards.

His size shouldn’t keep him from being successful though, there are always ways around that if you skills are elite.

But Anthony is going to have to prove he can use his quickness to beat larger defenders.

Perhaps his greatest weakness is his decision making, and for some, this downfall has been a major detriment to his draft stock.

Teams have taken gambles on smaller guards with questionable decision-making capabilities in recent years, with mixed results.

If Anthony is going to succeed as a point guard in the NBA, he’s going to have to quickly adapt as a playmaker.

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