First Responders Should Be Prioritized Over NBA Players for Coronavirus Tests, Says Police Chief

NBA: Kevin Durant tests positive for the coronavirus.

A Bay Area police chief is calling on the Trump Administration to prioritize coronavirus tests for first responders and not NBA players.

In a discussion between the International Association of Chiefs of Police and officials from the White House and Homeland Security, Police Chief John Carli voiced his concerns.

“If we’re quarantining [our] people for 14 days…we’re going to lose our first responders,” Carli said.

“And we have to, at a national level, get the support down to the local level. Stop testing NBA Players, and start testing our first responders.”

This whole ordeal began after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus on March 11, and essentially halted the NBA season.

After Gobert, the Jazz tested its entire traveling party.

The 58 tests reportedly were more than half of the daily allotment for the state of Oklahoma.

The NBA has come under scrutiny for procuring so many test kits during a nationwide shortage.

Many of the NBA tests were handled by state officials.

The Nets were sure to state that their tests were through a private company.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has also expressed his frustrations in the past.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver also understands the criticism aimed at the league.

However, he says the league was just following directions from public health officials.

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