Dennis Rodman Says He Wants to Wrestle Rob Gronkowski

dennis rodman rob gronkowski wrestle

The predictably unpredictable Dennis Rodman says he wants to jump in the ring and wrestle NFL legend Rob Gronkowski.

Rodman made the comments in a WWE Network Special based around him, titled WWE Untold: Rodzilla Runs Wild.

“Someone asked me, ‘Dennis you want to wrestle again?’ I could tell you a guy I really want to wrestle and that’s Gronkowski,” Rodman said.

“I mean that guy from New England. He talks a lot of shit. I’m fifty years old, you’re 32, 33 years old, great. It don’t matter to me, let’s go ahead and do this shit.

“This ain’t about me making any money, I’ll just go out and wrestle his ass. Let’s go on and do it.”

The news comes after the former Patriots tight end inked a deal with the WWE and was announced as the host of the upcoming WrestleMania.

Rodman briefly wrestled in the WCW four times between 1997-2000, chalking up a 1-4 record in that time.

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