Rudy Gobert Makes $500K Donation for Those Effected by Coronavirus

After becoming the first NBA player to be effected by coronavirus, Rudy Gobert is now lending a hand to those affected by it, making a bold pledge of $500,000 to help families in Oklahoma City, Utah and in his native country of France on Friday.

Gobert has taken a lot of heat for his actions recently, most notably for his reckless behavior which involved touching reporters’ microphones at a press conference before being diagnosed with the virus.

While Gobert was the first NBA player to be diagnosed, we can’t be sure that Gobert was the first to contract the virus.

There are a lot of unknowns, but people will point to Gobert’s actions leading up to it all.

And the bigger question is, what would’ve happened if Gobert wasn’t showing such strong symptoms and the Thunder-Jazz game wasn’t postponed?

How many more players would have been infected then?

Games could still be going ahead as we speak (albeit with no fans) as players continue to unknowingly spread the virus amongst themselves and others they come into contact with.

Anyway, the main thing is that Gobert is now doing all he can to correct his previous carelessness and help those affected by the virus.

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