Dwyane Wade Skipping Son’s State Title Game, Unhappy With His Playing Time

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Zaire Wade will be playing in the CIF State title game on Saturday, but his father Dwyane won’t be there to witness it.

Wade even mentioned this live on TNT and then took a subtle shot at Sierra Canyon’s coach.

It was an interesting move, coming off an epic comeback to beat Etiwanda. Zaire did not score in the game and hasn’t found much playing time this year.

It also doesn’t help that he has battled injuries off and on.

Bronny Jr. who is the son of LeBron James, also plays for Sierra Canyon.

He is a freshman, but plays more then Zaire. This is due to Bronny accepting is role for who he is.

Sierra Canyon is a stacked team, they’re a powerhouse that has some of the best high school talent in the country.

Ziaire Williams and B. J. Boston are both five-star prospects.

They’re surrounded by an abundance of talent as well including Bronny, Terren Frank and Amari Bailey.

Ziaire Williams is the player responsible for putting Sierra Canyon in the title game.

He hit a game-winner as time expired against Etiwanda on Tuesday.

Dwyane congratulated him on Twitter for the feat.

Wade is a good player, but he isn’t an all-world talent.

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At 95 percent of other high schools, he would likely be the best player.

He just so happens to play for Sierra Canyon where basketball players are just on a different level.

Father Dwyane is taking an interesting approach.

He is going to skip out on an event for his son that he will never get back. Looking back on it could haunt him down the line, because you simply can’t get time back.

He will have some time to rethink his decision. As social media has gone at him all day.

Maybe when Saturday rolls around he will be in attendance.