Everything We Know So Far About Delonte West’s Fight And Current Health Status

delonte west

There has been widespread concern for Delonte West since the release of a disturbing video showing West being beaten on the streets of Washington D.C.

The footage left a lot of people shaken and asking a lot of questions.

Is West OK? Was this a random act of violence? Who was beating him?

Now, some new details are starting to emerge.

Warning: the following video contains violence that some viewers may find distressing.

The Prince George County Police Department said Tuesday that according to one witness, West started the fight by hitting the other man with a glass bottle.

The police also stated that the two men knew each other, refused to cooperate with detectives and refused to press charges.

According to West’s former agent Aaron Goodwin, West has been recovering from his wounds but “desperately needs medical attention” (via TMZ).

Goodwin added that West has a support system of friends and family around him.

Additionally, the National Basketball Players Association has “extensively supported” West financially, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, and helped with his move from Dallas (where West last played professional basketball) to Maryland (where he currently lives with his mother).

His former college teammate Jameer Nelson has frequently been in touch, while Mark Cuban and Danny Ainge are also among those who have reached out.

But according to Charania, who spoke with several of West’s closest confidants following the incident, the real problem is that West always seems to refuse professional help.

Here’s hoping that changes soon.

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