Daily Wrap: Magic To Help Lakers Make Terrible Decisions In Less Official Capacity

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There’s plenty going on around the Association, so let’s get right to it.

Today’s news

Magic Johnson will still be involved in the Lakers’ recruitment process this summer despite resigning earlier this month.

There was no post-game trash talk from the Trail Blazers after their Game 4 win over the Thunder, and it was a calculated decision.

Steve Kerr isn’t a fan of Russell Westbrook’s treatment of the media, and neither is Charles Barkley.

Brett Brown knows what the 76ers have to do to beat the Nets in Game 5.

Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce is replacing Nate McMillan on the Team USA coaching staff.

Lonzo Ball will appear on the next instalment of LeBron’s HBO show, The Shop.

And in today’s most important story, the Washington Wizards are comparing every NBA team to scenes from The Office.

Tonight’s games 

Bucks at Pistons – 8pm (USA) / 10am (AUS)

Milwaukee leads 3-0

Rockets at Jazz – 10:30pm (USA) / 12:30pm (AUS)

Houston leads 3-0

Have your brooms ready.

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