Ja Rule Fyres Back At Another NBA Team, Continues To Get Roasted Alive On Twitter

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It’s only February but self-proclaimed mogul and noted music festival organiser Ja Rule is getting roasted within an inch of his life for the second time this year.

This first time around, obviously, was due to the fallout which followed Netflix and Hulu’s respective Fyre Festival documentaries.

Round two of the roasting all began when Ja Rule put on a half-time show to forget during a Bucks-Wolves game in Milwaukee on Saturday night.

Ja was plagued by sound problems, a highly uninterested crowd, and Bucks players warming up during his performance.

That’s when the Timberwolves’ social media guy/girl – who clearly deserves an immediate raise – dropped this bomb:

Ja Rule then hit back with a very Ja Rule tweet, telling the T-Wolves Karl-Anthony Towns was about to leave them (despite signing an extension through to 2023-24).

Now the Kings are getting in on the act too.

Ja then hit back by telling the Kings KAT would leave them too…

The under fire rapper then received a fresh round of roasting from across the Twittersphere.


At this rate, it’s going to be a long year for Ja Rule.

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