‘Ain’t No Maybe Bout It’: LeBron James Will Own An NBA Team

Lebron wants to be a GM

From Nike endorsements to hit TV shows and movies, LeBron James has built himself an empire.

And it’s only a matter of time until the crowning glory of his kingdom is an NBA franchise.

“Ain’t no maybe about it,” King James promises.

It’s not something that LeBron is just dreaming of on a whim. As with most things in his career, he’s been planning it for a long time.

So far in his career LeBron has earned US$270 million from his NBA contracts, plus at least an extra US$600 million from endorsements.

In case you were wondering, that’s ownership money. Not only does he have the funds –  he has the personnel too, per The Athletic.

“Ain’t no maybe about it. I’m going to do that shit,” James said. “I know I got a great team around me that can help me do anything I want to do.”

James has faith in that team too – so much faith that he believes they could even help him become President of the United States if he really wanted to.

“If I wanted to run for the president of the United States, I got a team around me that could help me possibly win it, if I decided I wanted to give my all to it.

But that’s not what he wants… at least not now. Now he is concentrated on finishing off his career and becoming an owner in the NBA, something that he knows he’ll be good at.

“One thing, I would be able to relate to both sides [players and management],” James said. “Also, I understand that I have to run a franchise.”

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“I have to run that franchise not only to compete for a championship but also for the fans, for the city and everybody that’s involved.”

I am so ready for LeGM to become LeOwner, but I’m not quite ready to see him hang up his basketball shoes just yet.

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