Kobe Bryant Tells Worried Lakers Fans To ‘Relax’ About Team’s Struggles

Plenty of people are doubting LeBron’s new-look Lakers, but Kobe Bryant isn’t one of them.

The Mamba thinks there’s nothing to worry about, despite the Los Angeles Lakers having a 21-19 record and having lost three games in a row.

In response to a tweet suggesting that the Lakers should fire coach Luke Walton, Kobe replied:

“Relax. Entire squad is damn near out. Were playing pretty well before that. #gethealthy #lakerfam”.

Kobe has never been one to shy from the truth, and if he’s not worried, then Lakers fans shouldn’t be either.

But having said that, the Lakers are 1-5 without LeBron James, who won’t return for at least two more games with a strained groin.

Even Kobe might start to panic if LeBron’s out much longer, but in the meantime, it’s a chance for the Lakers roster to prove itself without the king.

“It’s a significant stretch because it’s an opportunity for us, it’s an opportunity for young players to grow and establish themselves with LeBron out,” center Tyson Chandler told the LA Times.

Lance Stephenson is trying to stay positive, though he feels that the Lakers need to start improving now to keep their goals alive.

“A little bit,” Stephensen said. “Right now is our downtime, and I think we gonna go on a run. I think we gotta stay positive and confident in each other and this group we got right now.”

“No excuses and just play basketball, man. I think the guys just thinking too much; we just gotta play.”

In other words – just relax and play basketball. The rest will look after itself.

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