It Turns Out That Kawhi Leonard Is Actually The Grinch

At least that’s what the reporter who asked Kawhi about his favourite Christmas moment will tell you.

Asking Kawhi personal questions to try and gain some sort of insight into his life and personality has become like a sport for NBA journalists.

In this day and age, if you’re quiet, reserved and don’t share every waking moment of your life with strangers, then you’re the weirdo.

Oh and it doesn’t help when your laugh sounds like a trash compactor going off.

Needless to say that when reporters decided once again to pester Kawhi with personal questions, he wasn’t too interested.

One bright individual asked him how he’s dealing with Toronto’s cold weather.

“I just wear a jacket. We’re in buildings a lot, we’re not outside running and playing in the snow,” Kawhi responded.

Following the hard-hitting weather question, another reporter asked if there was anything different from San Antonio.

“Not really,” said Kawhi. “It’s still two goals and a basketball. Just different teammates.”

Okay, that answer definitely makes me think that Kawhi is a robot with giant hands programmed for a Skynet-like takeover of the NBA.

That’s not all though. One jolly journalist needed – no, was journalistically obligated – to ask the following hard-hitting question:

“Merry Christmas,” said the unnamed reporter. “Can you talk about your favourite Christmas moment?”

To which Kawhi The Grinch replied: “Not right now, no.”

It all makes sense now. The creepy laugh, the discomfort dealing with other humans, the massive hands and the dismissal of Christmas – Kawhi isn’t a robot, he’s The Grinch!

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No wonder he doesn’t find Toronto cold, it must be nothing compared to his cave in Whoville.

Or maybe, just maybe, Kawhi Leonard is a professional basketball player who doesn’t want you to know about his private life.

Nah, too weird.

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