Steve Kerr Wants You To Chill With All The Trae Young-Steph Curry Comparisons

Plenty of folks struggle to discuss Trae Young without immediately comparing him to Steph Curry but Steve Kerr wants you to cool your jets on that one.

Kerr was quick to praise Young when speaking with reporters on Monday, but said the Steph comparisons were premature.

“…What I saw was incredible skill shooting and passing the ball, you can tell he’s got a lot of confidence in himself,” Kerr said.

“I’m sure he was inspired by Steph, it’s pretty obvious to see when you watch him play that Steph inspired him, he plays like him.

“But any comparison will have to wait, you’ll have to see how he does over the next couple of years.

“You also have to remember where Steph was back in 2010, Steph has come a long way. I understand the comparisons, but they should probably wait.”

Kerr then spoke of Curry’s power in influencing young players around the world.

“…You know that he’s inspiring a whole generation of young kids because they can relate to him,” he said.

“…I think we’re going to see more and more players coming up who have that type of game, combining the deep shooting with the passing and the ball-handling, because people are working on their games as we speak all over the country and trying to emulate him.”

Fittingly, Curry will return just in time to face Young in Atlanta on Monday night.

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