Markelle Fultz Addresses His Bizarre New Free Throw Routine

Markelle Fultz Free Throw

It’s no secret that Markelle Fultz has been struggling with his free throw routine, but after trying three different confusing styles in a week he might have finally found one that will stick.

After trying a stiff wrist flick against Charlotte and a herky-jerky pump fake in Miami, Fultz debuted a brand new routine on Friday night against the Jazz.

Rather than holding the ball and smoothly transitioning into a shot, Fultz juggled the ball from hand to hand like a hot potato before shooting.

His first attempt went in and he ended the game 2-4 from the free throw line. Most importantly, his eyes were filled with slightly less fear and defeat.

“It’s something I added right now,” Fultz told ESPN’s Ian Begley.

“Just trial and error. It’s been working nice for me so I’m going to stick with it for now.”

While the latest version of his free throw certainly doesn’t look pretty, it’s safe to say that his Philly teammates and coach Brett Brown don’t care how it looks — as long as the ball goes through the net.

If Fultz could get his free throw percentage above 80 percent (it’s currently 42 percent for the season), 76ers fans wouldn’t care if he ate a quarter pounder, dabbed and then took his shoes off before each attempt.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if there will be any more entries to be submitted into the growing list of outlandish Markelle Fultz free throw actions.

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