LeBron James Says He ‘Almost Cracked’ During Lakers’ Early Struggles

The Los Angeles Lakers are finally feeling good after their last-second win against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday gave them their longest winning streak of the season.

Anyone who saw the celebrations at Staples Center after Tyson Chandler’s game-winning block on Trae Young would be forgiven for thinking it was a playoff game, but victories have been few and far between for the 7-6 Lakers.

Of course, LA’s slow start hasn’t exactly been the version of the Showtime Lakers that LeBron was hoping for when he signed on the dotted line.

Throughout the whole period, Bron’s been like a swan — graceful and poised above the water, but under the surface his legs are kicking like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

But now that things are looking up, King James spoke to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes about his leadership and the Lakers’ early struggles.

“I haven’t changed anything outwardly, but you know me,” he said. “You know how I am. I almost cracked [last week].”

“I had to sit back and remind myself, ‘[Expletive], you knew what you were getting yourself into. This process has been good for me. I just have to continue being patient.”

“I had to regroup and remember this is a young team. We’re playing some good ball right now and we’re starting to build some good habits. That’s all that matters right now.”

Now their real test will be playing some good ball against playoff teams. 

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