Mo Bamba Blew Doc Rivers Away With Wacky Pre-Draft Interview

Mo Bamba is best known for his imposing size and outrageous 7’10 wingspan.

But that isn’t what jumped out at Doc Rivers when Bamba arrived at his pre-draft interview with the Clippers earlier this year. 

That’s because the former Texas standout showed up with a CD and a briefcase like it was 1991.

The combination of Mamba’s unique approach to the interview, as well as his on-court abilities, went a long way to impressing Rivers.

“I love our interview in the summer with him,” River told reporters in Orlando on the weekend.

“My initial impressions of Bamba (was) he was the only guy who came into the interview session with a briefcase and a CD which I didn’t even know existed anymore, of himself.

“Which I thought was impressive, most of all was the moves and things he could do.

“He wanted us to see that…I thought it was the most impressive interview we’ve ever had.”

Please tell me that CD contained his highlight reel with Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes playing on repeat in the background.

Oh, and props to Bamba for treating his meeting with the Clippers like a legit job interview, briefcase and all. 

Sounds like dude could get a bank job any time. 

(h/t Uproxx)

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