The Funniest (And Strangest) Moments From NBA Media Day

NBA media day – where GIFs are born and memes are immortalised – is back for another year.

And what a day it is, one which provides more off-court entertainment in the space of hours than most leagues will give you all year.

There’s so much incredible content, in fact, that trying to consume it all can be quite the daunting process.

So we’ve done our best to wade through all of Monday’s absurdity and bring you the very best bits.

Here we go.

Kawhi Leonard will haunt your dreams 

Before today it was hard to find a single documented case of Kawhi Leonard smiling, let along laughing.

Now I think it’s safe to say we all wish it had stayed that way.


Absolutely chilling.

Udonis Haslem has a death wish

Can you image the panic in Eric Spoelstra’s eyes if LeBron tried this during the Heatles era?

Steven Adams tells Patrick Patterson to GTFO

Thank god he was joking.

Enes Kanter provides way too much information 

Please elaborate, said no one ever.

JR gonna JR

Dario Saric didn’t text Joel Embiid back all summer

Thankfully the bromance is still intact.

Russell Westbrook is trolling reporters already

Some things never change.

Carmelo Anthony still isn’t ready to talk about coming off the bench 

You can’t run from it forever, Melo.

Channing Frye will never stop trolling 

Serial troll Channing Frye with no chill, and all the chill in the world, all at the same.

Lauri Markkanen tried to teach Kris Dunn Finnish and it did not go well 

Sorry mate, could you repeat that?

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s jersey is whack 

There must’ve been a better way to do this.

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