Luke Walton Says Lakers Will Contend For The Title Next Season

Anyone would be feeling pretty good about their team after adding LeBron James.

But Luke Walton has taken that confidence to the next level.

During a recent interview with ESPN radio, Walton said he expected the Lakers to challenge for the title next season.

“September, probably not,” Walton said. “Do I think come April, come playoff months? Absolutely I think we are. It takes time. You never just put a team together and they’re instantly a championship contender.

“That’s what the regular season is going to be all about this year. That’s what these guys coming in every day, playing together, getting to know each other, lifting weights together, is about.

“I think by the time the season comes and goes and we get towards the playoffs, if all goes the way we plan, then yeah, I truly believe we are.”

Many perceived this as something of a rebuilding season for the Lakers, with the team saving bulk cap space for the loaded 2019 free agency class which features Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson.

But LeBron James has since claimed it would not be a rebuilding year in LA.

And if LeBron can make last year’s Cavs a contender, it might not be crazy to think he could do the same thing with the young Lakers.

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