Michael Porter Jr Is Inviting Fans To His House Just To Kick Their Ass In 2K

It’s been a long and basketball-less summer for us all and Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr is killing time by inviting fans to his house and proceeding to destroy them in NBA 2K.

It all started with a challenge, which Porter issued to the great unwashed via Twitter.

Things did not go well for his first challenger, Porter Jr using the Wizards to beat his own Nuggets squad and won $200 from the random punter in the process.

And didn’t he just love every second of it.

The second game of this mid-summer 2K battle royale featured a different Nuggets fan putting his $800 UNC Jordan 1s on the line.

Porter only put up $100, locking in one of the most unfair bets in recent gambling history.

When MPJ won, he admitted he couldn’t even wear them due to recently signing a deal with Puma.

MPJ then claimed a third victim, beating him to another $100.

At least this one was slightly closer.

The fact Porter Jr is using his spare time to hustle fans for money is even more hilarious when you consider he’s projected to earn more than $2.6 million in his rookie season.

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But you’ve gotta pass the time somehow, and might as well make some bank while you’re at it.

(h/t Rob Kalland of Dime Magazine/Uproxx)

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