Basketball Australia CEO Calls Out Violent Fans And Officials Following Vicious Brawl

Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore has questioned the involvement of Filipino fans and officials in Monday night’s harrowing brawl.

Speaking at an emergency press conference on Tuesday morning, Moore said that while the actions of both teams were highly regrettable, there was no reason for anyone else to get involved.

“While we accept responsibility for our role in last night’s incident, what we don’t accept is the action whereby fans and officials actually get involved in the fray,” he said.

“We absolutely find that unacceptable and whilst we’ll be waiting for FIBA to provide us with their findings and sanctions, that’s certainly an issue we’ll be addressing with them.”

Moore was largely referring to the mob which attacked Australia’s Chris Goulding while he was pinned to the ground behind the basket, as well as the man who punched Nathan Sobey in the face.

“It was alarming when you see a congregation of players at the end of the court and you say ‘is one of our players really under there?'” Moore said.

It was this level of violence which also enraged Goulding’s agent, Daniel Moldovan, who promptly called for the resignation of Philippines assistant coach Jong Uichico.

“Your words are hollow,” Moldovan tweeted in response to Uichico’s public apology. “You didn’t act like a father who cares about his sons. You acted like a classless animal with zero brains. Hand in your resignation, your country deserves better.”

Basketball Australia has since confirmed that all of its players escaped significant injury, but Moore did say he was “absolutely concerned” about the players’ mental health.

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