LEAKED: The Lakers’ Recruitment Pitch To Paul George

The chaos associated with NBA free agency won’t begin until July 1, but the Lakers have given us plenty to talk about before then.

LA wanting George in purple and gold has been the game’s worst-kept secret for months, and that was confirmed on Monday when Sports Illustrated’s Robin Lundberg obtained an apparent recruiting pitch the team had prepared for PG.

It came in the form of a voiceover, which the team was planning to pair with a recruitment video, and went a little something like this:

When you were just a kid

In your room

Dreaming from Palmdale

We were dreaming too.

While you dreamt, we built – built for your arrival

And while we dreamt, you built too

Becoming one of the world’s greatest.

Life’s most powerful dream are the one we realize ourselves. 

The ones that turn us into legends.

That kid from Palmdale always knew it

Now the world will, too

The team reportedly told someone set to audition for the voiceover to make it sound “less Morgan Freeman/Denzel Washington, and more Jamie Foxx.”

Bring on July 1.

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