You Can Now Bet On The Next Player To Get Caught With A Burner Account

You can bet on almost anything these days, as bookmakers look to capitalise on our stupidity any way they can.

Now you can even bet on which NBA player will be the next to get caught with a burner account.

Check out the odds being offered at online sportsbook, via ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

Lonzo Ball +2000

JR Smith +4000

Rajon Rondo +6000

Demarcus Cousins +7000

Kyrie Irving +7000

Carmelo Anthony +7000

Draymond Green +8000

Kawhi Leonard +8000

Damian Lillard +8000

DeMarcus Cousins, who comes in with the fourth best odds, was quick to respond to the listing.

Meanwhile, it would appear the bookies suspect Lonzo Ball’s youth will lead him to slip up, like another Lakers rookie who came before him, while JR Smith is always a safe bet to make a cock up of any kind.

Elsewhere on the list, Kawhi Leonard is a hilarious inclusion, given he hasn’t tweeted in almost three years.

Unless…there’s no activity on his official page because he’s on a burner account.

Ok, maybe not.

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