Warriors Players Furious With Kendrick Perkins, Claim He Almost Injured Steph Curry

Numerous Warriors players were furious with Cleveland’s Kendrick Perkins following Game 2, claiming he almost injured Steph Curry according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes.

Perkins once again made a nuisance of himself on Sunday night when he failed to move his legs out of the way of a back-pedalling Curry.

The two-time MVP moved backwards into the Cavs bench after hoisting a wild attempted buzzer-beater to round out the third quarter.

As a result, the back of Curry’s right leg made contact with Perkins’ knee.

Perkins’ action, or lack thereof, sparked a shouting match between the two before they were broken up.

Upsetting multiple Golden State players was their belief that the Cavaliers veteran could’ve injured Curry, despite the footage suggesting otherwise.


Curry then had the last laugh, scoring 16 fourth-quarter points on 5-5 three-point shooting immediately following the incident, finishing the night with a game-high 33 points.

Perkins had plenty to say in the moment, but much less when he was contacted by ESPN, ultimately refusing to comment.

The former Boston and OKC center had made it just one month without violating the “don’t talk trash if you’re wearing a suit” rule (which we should definitely name after Austin Rivers).

The previous time was during the Eastern Conference Finals, when he talked shit to Drake, and man who now has much bigger problems to worry about.

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