Your Comprehensive Viewing Guide For The 2018 NBA Finals

It’s time to start cancelling appointments and handcrafting excuses, because the NBA Finals are almost here.

And as tradition dictates, it will be Cleveland vs Golden State once again.

To help you prepare, here is when (and how) you can catch the action, with times listed for both the US and Australia.

The rest of y’all might have to conjure up a swift burst of mental arithmetic.

Note: US times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time and Australian times are stated in Eastern Standard Time.



Game 1: Thursday May 31, 9PM @ Golden State (ABC)

Game 2:  Sunday June 3, 8PM @ Golden State (ABC)

Game 3: Wednesday June 6, 9PM @ Cleveland (ABC)

Game 4:  Friday June 8, 9PM @ Cleveland (ABC)

Game 5*: Monday, June 11, 9PM @ Golden State (ABC)

Game 6*:  Thursday June 14, 9PM @ Cleveland (ABC)

Game 7*: Sunday, June 17, 8PM @ Golden State (ABC)



Game 1: Friday June 1, 11AM @ Golden State (ESPN)

Game 2:  Monday June 4, 10AM @ Golden State (ESPN)

Game 3: Thursday June 7, 11AM @ Cleveland (ESPN)

Game 4:  Saturday June 9, 11AM @ Cleveland (ESPN)

Game 5*: Tuesday June 12, 11AM @ Golden State (ESPN)

Game 6*:  Friday June 15, 11AM @ Cleveland (ESPN)

Game 7*: Monday June 18, 10AM @ Golden State (ESPN)


I don’t know about you, but my body is ready.

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