Gregg Popovich Roasts Journalist After Loss To Warriors

Imagine being a journalist in the room after the Spurs’ game one blowout loss to the Warriors. Imagine no more. Actual transcript below.

Q. What went wrong for you guys tonight?
GREGG POPOVICH: What went wrong for us?

Q. This afternoon.
GREGG POPOVICH: They played better than we did.

Q. You started Green basically on Kevin. Was that — did that work very well?
GREGG POPOVICH: Did you watch the game?

Q. Yes.
GREGG POPOVICH: What do you think?

Q. Didn’t.
GREGG POPOVICH: Didn’t work very well. We’ll have Danny grow four or five inches by Monday night, tell him to jump higher and move quicker and we’ll tell Kevin, don’t be so good.

Come on.

Q. Is that something adjustment-wise that maybe you’re going to go with in the second game, maybe starting him (Rudy Gay) right away?
GREGG POPOVICH: This game just ended, so give me a little time.

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