Joel Embiid Could Be About To Play His First Back-To-Back

Joel Embiid could be less than 24 hours away from playing in the first back-to-back of his short but eventful career.

Embiid has been told that the team has made him “available” for Monday night’s game in Milwaukee, with a final decision to be made on whether he actually plays once the dust has settled from Sunday’s game in Oklahoma City.

It marks a massive breakthrough for Embiid, who had previously not been allowed by the team to play two games in as many nights due to his murky injury history.

“I just got told I was available,” Embiid told reporters on Sunday. “I think it’s depending on how I feel after the game. But I expect to feel great, because my body has been feeling really good. Hopefully, I will play [Monday].”

Embiid had previously voiced his frustration over being held out of back-to-backs.

He has missed nine games due to rest and minor injuries so far this season and has essentially said he didn’t feel like a legitimate player if he was frequently resting.

“Obviously, I really want to play,” he said on Sunday. “I feel like that’s the missing part of my NBA career.”

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