Watch Kawhi Leonard Master Karate Before Returning To The Court

Kawhi Leonard has had a lot of spare time leading up to tonight’s return to the court and appears to have used some of that time to fine tune his karate skills.

How do we know this?

Because Footlocker posted a video of Kawhi laying waste to planks of wood in front of a crowd of captivated onlookers on Monday.

The fact that Leonard shows zero emotion throughout, in characteristic fashion, makes this random display of martial arts even more glorious.

We might even have to add “karate” to this list.

And here’s that glorious video again but with Street Fighter audio (naturally).

It remains unclear how these skills will translate to the court, but Kawhi’s intent to kick butt upon his return couldn’t be clearer.

Leonard is set to return tonight against the Dallas Mavericks.

The Spurs sit at 19-8, third in the west, and have been doing just fine without their best player so far.

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