WATCH: Lakers Coach Caught On Tape Dissing D’Angelo Russell

The Lakers coaching staff already had enough PR dilemmas with LaVar Ball calling them out and assistant Jesse Mermuys getting into it with Devin Booker.

You can now add another poor publicity conundrum to the list.

Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw has been caught badmouthing former LA guard D’Angelo Russell in a video posted to the NBA TV Facebook page earlier in this week.

After the segment had ended, Shaw got caught out by a hot mic.

A mic so hot it came back to burn him.

Shaw engaged in the following exchange with NBA TV analyst and former teammate Dennis Scott:

Scott: “It looks like they work, though, huh?”

Shaw: “Yeah, they do. They do. You know, like last year, we had D’Angelo. He was just bulls***ing all the time and didn’t put it in.”

*Practice noises interrupt the next few lines*

Scott: Somebody didn’t do their homework.


Russell is intimately familiar with the ramifications “leaked” footage can have.

But seeing as he’s averaging a career high 20.9 points, 5.7 assists and 4.7 rebounds in Brooklyn, this basketball break-up has clearly suited both parties.

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