Dwyane Wade Publicly Calls Out Teammates As Cleveland Cavaliers Hit New Low

Dwyane Wade did not come to Cleveland to lose games and he is letting his teammates know about it.

After the Cavs dropped to 4-6 with arguably their worst loss yet – going to down to the lowly Atlanta Hawks on Sunday – Wade took a subtle jab at his team’s starting unit.

“I want one time for the first unit to get on the second unit because we blew a lead. I’m waiting for that day to happen,” Wade said post game.

Wade, a former starter who has since moved to the bench, has clearly become increasingly frustrated over having to chase the game from behind the second he enters the game.

It marks the second season in a row where Wade has called out his teammates through media.

Last season he publicly questioned whether his teammates not named Jimmy Butler were emotionally invested in games.

“I don’t know if they care enough,” Wade said at the time.

“I wish I could say that everyone in here is going to go home and not eat tonight. I can’t say that. I wish I could, but I don’t know that they care enough. “… I can look at Jimmy and say Jimmy’s doing his job. Jimmy can look at me and say Dwyane’s doing his job. I don’t know if we can keep going down the line and be able to say that.”

Calling your teammates out in the media is a risky move.

It can go two ways.

It either lights a fire under them or breeds resentment.

Cleveland fans better hope that this time, it’s the former.

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