LeBron James Has Come Up With The Solution For His Receding Hairline

The great recession of LeBron James’ hairline has arguably been studied more than the Great Recession itself.

That thing has shifted back and forth like the tide over the years.

LeBron’s initial reaction to his shedding was to cover it up with industrial strength headbands.

But he’s much more relaxed about the whole thing now and even has a great sense of humour when it comes to discussing the matter.

That was never more evident than today, when LeBron claimed he’d found a solution and was kind enough to tell us about it on Instagram.

LeBron starts by joking how unfair it is that new teammate and old buddy Dwyane Wade has maintained an impeccable hairline at the ripe old age of 35.

This is followed by an appearance from the eternally bald Richard Jefferson: “Oh, you talking about me? Are you guys talking about me growing my hair like that? Oh, no?”

LBJ then proceeds to share his idea, which is to Velcro his beard off and put it on top of his head.

This will no doubt be far from the last entertaining Instagram video we see from inside the the Cavs’ gym this preseason.

These guys are just as good for Instagram highlights as they are for on-court highlights.

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