Isaiah Thomas Begins Offseason by Recruiting Gordon Hayward on Instagram

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Gordon Hayward rumors have been floating around for a few weeks now, but the Hayward to Celtics one has remained in ether.

We are barely a day into the off-season and it appears Isaiah Thomas is already making moves.

Now that the NBA season is over, everyone will play detective before the free-agent negotiation window opens July 1.

Isaiah Thomas commenced the offseason’s speculation by following free agent Gordon Hayward on Instagram.

Fans hungry for leads may connect the dots to Hayward’s wife, Robyn, posting a picture of her daughter in a “Go Green” shirt. She deleted the Instagram post, but 1280 Sports’ Angie Treasure saved it first.

Her deleting it probably brought more attention to it than if she’d just kept it up.

It’ll be interesting to see where Gordon ends up.


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