LeBron Designing Sneakers for Disabled Athletes

We all know what an incredible player AND person LeBron James is, but his latest project is truly moving.

LeBron has teamed up with Nike on a new shoe called The LeBron Soldier 10 FlyEase which is designed for disabled athletes that can be slipped on and off more easily. The shoe has no laces and can be secured with Velcro straps and zippers.

“It’s about us empowering every kid and everybody to understand we are all athletes,” James said.

James visited kids from the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation last week at the team’s facility and presented them with new pairs of the sneakers.

“Sports should never be taken away from a kid,” said James. “It creates fun. It creates laughter. It creates brotherhood or sisterhood. To be able to have shoes that are easy to get on and off gives kids another opportunity to live out their dreams.”

Tobie Hatfield, veteran Nike designer, said the new shoe is designed to eliminate the struggle for some kids to simply get the shoe on their foot.

“One of the key learnings we’ve had in crafting accessible footwear is the importance of easy entry and exit of the shoe, not just simplifying its fastening system,” Hatfield said. “Eliminating the intricate hand movement of lace tying is important, but if the athlete cannot get their foot into the shoe, lacing becomes a moot point.”

Despite all the debates on LeBron James in this season’s MVP race, if there’s one thing you can’t knock LeBron for, it’s his willingness to help his community. A great ambassador for this game.

Kudos Bron!

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