Fans Dig Up Magic Johnson’s Old Tweets After He’s Named President of Basketball Operations

Today, the LA Lakers announced that Magic Johnson was their new President of Basketball Operations. This was a major shakeup for the Lakers after years of having been brought intro disrepute by Jim and Mitch. Whilst the move was bold,  Twitter once again reminded the basketball community that it still has absolutely no chill. Fans began furiously digging up a number of Magic’s old tweets.

If you follow Magic on Twitter or Facebook and are aware of his commentary history you’ll know he’s known for being overly optimistic about a lot of players and moves by organizations. This can be uplifting and positive at times.

In fact, he’s almost too complimentary of players. With Magic now in charge, these tweets are even more hilarious than they were before. It’s unclear how Magic will do running the Lakers, but we can only hope it’s a bit better than some of his old tweets.

Here’s a reminder:

That’s just the beginning.

Try not to cringe.

This is technically true..

It’s over ladies and gentlemen

Magic Johnson is easily one of the greatest sports personalities that there is, and whilst the Lakers were in desperate need of change a lot of these tweets has the world wondering whether Magic Johnson is the man to get it done…

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