A List Of Strange Things Kyrie Irving Does And Doesn’t Believe In…

Kyrie Irving has been in the media non-stop for the past 24 hours after his comments about the earth being flat went absolutely viral. Whilst his view is unconventional, Reddit user Btgio pointed out that this isn’t the ONLY strange belief Kyrie has…

Here are some positions Kyrie took during his appearance on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye’s Road Trippin’ podcast.

  • The moon landing was fake. Says the boot prints on the moon don’t match Neil Armstrong’s boots in “the museum.”
  • There are extraterrestrial beings in the universe.
  • Dinosaurs did not exist.
  • The earth is flat.
  • The education system is designed to lie to us.
  • NASA is lying about the rover missions to Mars and that all of the data about space they provide for us is doctored to feed us a narrative.
  • The people who make alien movies are not designing their aliens out of thin air. He thinks they are basing it on something they have seen.
  • Believes he is on a journey to become a complete human being who has complete freedom of thought.
  • The JFK assassination had something to do with him signing an order to take out the global bank cartel.
  • Bob Marley and MLK were “taken out” for preaching togetherness.
  • “They” are creating separation in race and class to control power in the world.
  • Believes he has a far bigger purpose and cause to his life than basketball.
  • Listens to audiobooks while taking naps.
  • Believes the way we travel the world proves the globe is not round.

Some people speculated that this is an elaborate marketing scheme to promote his upcoming Uncle Drew movie but others believe he’s too well researched and that these simply are beliefs he subscribes to.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this whole thing is that the podcast was willingly published by the Cavaliers. The whole thing is very strange and pretty left field for one of the NBA’s biggest stars.

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