How the Cleveland Cavaliers Will Repeat

LeBron James and JR Smith Celebrations

The Cleveland Cavaliers are determined to go for the repeat and make history defeating two super teams back to back. What may have seemed like an impossible task a year ago is now definitely within reach.

Here’s what needs to happen in order to make this a reality.

Find a Backup Small Forward

Richard Jefferson may or may not have retired and James Jones is 37 with not a whole lot of gas left in the tank.  LeBron James whilst probably the greatest player on earth right now, is turning 32, and there will definitely need to be a player that can step in and help at the 3 position on a meaningful level. This team needs to function without LeBron while he rests throughout the season in order to go full Bron-mode come playoff time.

Hurry Up and Sign J.R. Smith or Get Ray Allen.

J.R. Smith’s is technically still a free agent. Without their shooting guard, the Cavs lose a threat from 3 point land. Say what you want about Smith but he’s made a valuable and demonstrable contribution to the roster. If Cleveland does decide not to sign him then they need to be banging on Ray Allen’s door right now and hope he’s still in the gym and looking for a contract otherwise finding a viable option at this stage will be near impossible.

Allow Their Young Backcourt Talent to Shine

It’s Time to Trade Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been formidable. But if there’s two things we know for sure it’s that he’s on the verge of becoming injury prone and has rocky and inconsistent moments in very crucial moments. Seeing as he has come through and helped them win a championship he is a great bargaining chip in trade talks, with several teams willing to give up more than their fair share for Love. The Celtics, Suns, Jazz and Nuggets all have pieces that could get this deal done. With players from any of those rosters, the Cavs become instantly better.