There are a few reasons for this, the main being that we want to make informed betting decisions with the best available information. In the NBA, games are constantly subject to roster adjustments and starting lineup changes, as well as injuries and a myriad of other variables that can affect not only the outcome of a game but also individual player performances.

The other reason is we want the best available price. We track the opening lines, current lines, and betting percentages for each game that we want to bet on. We use the opening line and current line as a comparison in order to determine which direction the line will be likely to move towards. More often than not we jump on a line around 15 minutes before closing, but sometimes we can jump on as early as the night before.

Betting early allows us to take advantage of initial numbers that have not been affected by other betters. Other times, we will allow the public to shift the line in our favour, placing our own wagers right before game time. This is why if you’re series about maximising the value of our tips you’ll need to mark us as a priority sender with push notifications on!


A unit in sports betting is a measurement of the size of someones bet. Because we all have different sized bankrolls for our NBA tipping, we need to be able to recommend stake sizes and show profit and loss in universal terms.

You should be risking 1-5% of your bank roll on each wager. Using thos bankroll management strategy for each bet you would essentially want to stake between 1-5 units.Youll find the majority of our value bets are around these figures, with our main plays being anywhere from 8-10 units and sometimes more if were feeling very confident.

It is important to never deviate from the unit system. Even when we are having a few down days or we suffer a bad loss, we work to make up the loss by continuing to play the odds with safer bets at appropriate stake sizes that give us breathing room if we continue to suffer losses during a bankroll rebuild stretch.


In order to generate the most profit for a good value bet we do whats called Line Shopping. If you have an account at a couple of different sportsbooks you can compare prices especially if there has been odds fluctuations over the course of the day.

We also place whats known as arbitrage bets, which involve placing bets at different bookmakers who are offering different lines to try and capitalise on differing opinions of bookmakers as well as finding errors or value where one might not ordinarily think to look.

For example, a LeBron James triple double might be paying $2.56 on Sportsbet, but Sportsbet may also offer LeBron James +9.5 reb, +9.5 ast for $3.10 with a boost. We know that LeBron James in his career has never had double figures in rebounds and assists without also having it in points. So its an easy way to get a better price for what is essentially the same bet.

What is a MAIN PLAY vs a VALUE BET.

The main play is our biggest plays of the day, they are the big stake ones which we use to generate decent profits whilst also protecting against losses on our value bets. The value bets are where weve identified a play that we see as being quite likely or in with at least a healthy chance at a valuable price where a smaller stake is advised in order to help generate some extra profit across the day.


Sometimes we like to put strategy aside and have a punt. After all, this is a bit of entertainment too. Technically, multis are the least likely play to win on despite what the odds may suggest. Bookmakers froth at the thought of you throwing down on a multi every single day because they’re designed for the bookmaker to win, especially with casual betters.

However, sometimes we identify a multi (for example a playoff series multi for which we are 100% on for the season) which deleverages the risk by spreading the result across 4-7 games. We like to capitalise on those where possible so we will put them to you as an optional punt if youd like to try your luck but we dont recommend them if you are here to purely generate regular profits.